Basic Digital Marketing Interview Questions 2019

We know the 12 tips on how to start a career in Digital Marketing, and if you don’t, click here. After knowing about Digital Marketing, you need to start applying for Digital Marketing jobs. And take my advice, ask for as many companies as possible but useful companies. Companies that will give you excellent exposure, […]

How to select the file format for your resume?

While creating a resume, you must not be thinking about the file format of the resume. It is often the last thing candidates consider while making their job search plan. I have gone thru many resumes that candidates don’t give importance to file format for the resume, but this is extremely important. Assume that if […]

How to get noticed on Linkedin by Recruiters

Job seeker thinks that they have optimized their LinkedIn profiles and now they will start getting job opportunities. Your Linkedin profile is not getting any consideration by recruiters. You must be thinking what the problem with your profile is? Optimizing your profile is not going to solve this problem solely. Here, I am going to […]

13 Tips to face an interview for the first time


OK, so you got an interview for your first job coming up and want to shine. With the overly competitive job market it is essential that you make the best possible first impression in the interview so you get hired.  Appearing for a job interview as a fresher for the very first time can be […]

How to get into a high paying digital marketing job without experience

How to get digital marketing job

How to get into a high paying Digital marketing without experience I am Venkatesh Kumar from and I’m working as a digital marketer at the Yellow Submarine, Bangalore. I know Harliienman from LinkedIn and I used to ask her about Digital marketing career opportunities. She is professional and very helpful.She helped many people for […]