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Are you a graduate with digital marketing course/training or certification?


Are you struggling to make your digital marketing industry-specific resume?


Are you searching online digital marketing sample resume templates?


But still not able to get your desired resume template ….


Why? Any guesses….


As a Talent Blogger and Hiring Consultant, I get hundreds of resumes every day, where freshers like you are still struggling to write a perfect digital marketing resume and they keep searching online regarding digital marketing resume templates.

The current market situation is where companies are asking for Practical exposure rather than theoretical knowledge and certificates.

I can write this statement confidently because I am dealing with such kind of clients who are asking for Digital marketing freshers with practical exposure.

But it’s tough to decide for freshers/graduates which institute to join. After doing the course or training, Freshers do not know how to secure the digital marketing job.

I have met many students who are struggling to make resumes.

No Institutes and Training Centres are helping their students with the art of writing resume. Every Student has to follow the same resume format forcefully.

In my experience, if you are seriously looking for a digital marketing job and you have spent 3-6 months on Digital Marketing Training. Most of the cases, I have seen that job seeker copied resume from online sources. I do not deny that fact for every small thing we need to take Google’s help but to get a digital marketing job. You need to tweak your resume according to trending job descriptions in the digital marketing industry.

You have to give some time to curate your resume for the first time. A resume is essential when you’re looking for a job or exploring a new career path, the Initial step is the Resume.

Resume includes Name, contact information, your current location, headlines(Relevant Job Titles) skills, qualifications, experience, and your social hyperlinks.

HR spend about 5 seconds scanning each Resume.

If your resume does not appeal them, they will reject your resume, and you never get the call from same HR /Consultant.

To avoid such kind of cases, you must invest some good quality time to make your resume perfect.

As a fresher, It’s Difficult to make an impressive resume in the first go.

For your clarity, I am going to divide the resume into five major parts.


Contact Information

This section includes Name, Location, contact number, email id, personal blog link, and LinkedIn profile URL.




Don’t list street address but you can mention the state along with the city. In case you live in a small town, Kindly list the closest known metro area or city.

If you own a website, it will boost your personal branding and gives authority to your resume. Market yourself with your personal blog or website.

Always use clean fonts like Arial and Calibri. Make sure that font size should not be smaller than 11 pt and larger than 18 pt.



Your headline is not a job title.

It’s a statement of your most powerful skill set or expertise.

Now you are a fresher, and you don’t know what to write as Digital Marketing fresher.

Your headline should be Digital Marketer. if you have the knowledge and practical exposure about SEO, SEM, Email Marketing and Social Media Paid advertising.

Your headline should be Search Engine Optimiser.if you have the knowledge and practical exposure about on-page SEO ,off page SEO, local SEO and backlinks etc.

Your headline should be WordPress developer.If you have some knowledge and practical exposure about landing pages and WordPress website development.





If you are a fresher, It’s a good idea to mention about your internship experience while making your digital marketing resume.

It’s recommended that graduates take the opportunity to complete the internships to ensure they have a competitive edge over their peers, and that’s where an internship can make all the difference.

An internship will help you develop the skills employers/companies want. Most employers are looking for evidence that you will be able to do the job you are applying for. An internship, whether as part of your degree or after degree, can provide evidence of your appropriateness.The Internship includes designation, company name, and location.



If you are looking for a job as a fresher, I would like to suggest you that you must have internship experience to get an excellent digital marketing job.

In case you don’t have any internship experience then you need to mention your practical knowledge of your blog.

Digital marketers are the ones who can prove that they can get results— not the ones who have just learned and had a certificate.

Being a fresher, you have practical exposure to WordPress, Wp Plugins, Fb Plugins, Fb Ads, SEO, Social Media, Google Ads, and Google Analytics, etc.

You can share your website Google Analytics Report with the employer and This is going to be social proof of your digital success.

If the employer is looking for content creators, tell them about your blogs.

If they want SEO Executive, You can share your SEO Optimization records/reports.

If they want PPC Executive, You can share your campaign reports.

You can share any form of your content with recruiter whether you own a blog, articles or infographics or Fb Group. These can be excellent ways of showing the recruiter your digital marketing skills as well being evidence of your Practical Exposure.

Get dream job and career growth based on the proven results you’ve generated.

Education & Certifications

Please don’t list your summary of your marks here.

digital marketing resume fresher


You can also list certifications relevant to the digital marketing industry.

Here is the example for Certification:

Certifications includes :

<Certification Name><from which organisation>                                                 <Year>

HubSpot Academy

Learn Digital with Google

Google Analytics

Google Adwords

Additional Experience

In additional experience, you can list your Volunteering experience if any.


Gone are the days when we used to add career objectives and reference details in the resumes. Make sure to strike career objectives, references, full street address, Marks summary of 10th standard,12 th standards and Graduation from your resume. Don’t mention your hobbies and interests.

Now you get an idea “How to write a resume” and “How to format the same”.

I have discussed significant resume sections.

This blog will help you in guiding through resume making process which is the initial step for your digital marketing job search plan.

If there is more than you would want me to add to this and explain certain things in depth let me know in the comments below.


Digital Marketing Resume Sample

digital marketing resume sample