Choose your passion or your job, but never both at the same time in case you manage to do both then you are a blessed soul. You need to be a dreamer to follow your passion a risk taker as you are working to feed your Mind and soul and not your stomach.

When you are working to feed the hunger of your mind, then you are following your passion, but if you are working to feed the stomach of yourself and your family then you are just doing your job to sustain.

Your passion has no limitations, no boundaries and those who can follow the passion with full conviction becomes an inspiration for others to follow.

We need to make the choice today to have a better tomorrow. Life is a journey so we should not regret of the wrong choices that we make. From the early years, we are tuned to grilling ourselves in school and colleges for marks card as it is the passport for a good career which might not make you successful but definitely cause pain if you do not manage to score decently.

Somewhere down the line the focus has changed from fun to fulfilling duties and living others dream so don’t you think the majority workforce are mere human robots running after fat cheques to fulfill the material aspects of life…..



This is hampering the quality of work and in turn the quality of life. Life is a physical manifestation of what we think which is nothing but our passion that stays in our subconscious mind.We are the masterpiece of our own life so let’s make it a real piece of ART by following our passion and filling our life canvas with all the beautiful colors of the universe.

harleen mann