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Job Search Bootcamp for
Digital Marketers

A 6-day Live bootcamp

10+ years of my Human Resource (HR) & Career Coach experience, put together in a 6-day live bootcamp to help you build a strategic plan to get your dream job.

Date: August 8th to 13th | Time: 8 P.M to 9 P.M IST

Let me be honest with you.

Searching for a job online, creating resumes, writing emails to HR, and finally going places to give an interview, all of these can be painful, stressful, frustrating, and most of the time, demotivating when you don’t get the job.

I have been there myself, and in the past 10 years, I have seen several people walking the same path again and again.

Let’s understand that your traditional way of searching for a job are outdated and ineffective ways.

If you cant market yourself well how will you convince someone that you are capable of marketing their company.

The demand for jobs is increasing rapidly and the supply is on the lower side.

With the current COVID pandemic, I have realized a ton of people have either lost their jobs or their pay-offs.

Companies are tired of hiring in the traditional ways.

It doesn’t seem worth their time to hire somebody and then realize that they don’t suit either the job role or the organization itself.

I consult companies on a daily basis and I understand what these companies look for in a candidate while hiring.

What If I tell you, If you plan and strategize your job search in a modern way, your chances of cracking a job will increase by 75%?

You might be skilled enough, your story might be great, your educational background and achievements might be excellent but none of them are of real value when you apply for a job if you don’t know how to present them in a way that the HR or the company consumes.

90% of the job seekers out there, copy resumes from their friends, colleagues, or from the internet.

Being an HR myself, when I see a resume, I know if it’s been copied.

Listen, I do not want your emails to be unread by the HR.

I do not want you to keep asking your friends and relatives to refer you to some company. (Pushing them to a point that they stop answering your calls)

I do not want you to give random interviews and come back home without a job in hand.

I do not want you to do random social media posts in order to get a job.

You might now ask, then what exactly should you be doing to make sure you stand out of the crowd and get a job?

I know you have a ton of such questions with you and I completely get you.

And this is exactly, why I have created this 6-Day Live Training which I call as - It’s A robust systematic approach built from my 10+ years of experience as an HR & Career Coach

In these 6 days of live training, I will be hand-holding you to plan & strategize your job search the way it should be done.

From having the right mindset to building resumes that’s eye-catching, crafting extra-ordinary cover letters, optimizing your social media profiles to increase traction to smartly using job portals, I will teach you everything.

By the end of this Bootcamp, you will be equipped with everything that you need to crack a high paying dream job.

Well that being said, This can only happen if you take action today, in fact, RIGHT NOW!

The Bootcamp is usually priced at 3999 INR but I understand that the present situation is bad because of COVID and since this program is for job seekers, I really want to do everything possible from my end and hence I’m pricing it at 747 INR only for a limited time. So, go ahead and enrol yourself ASAP.

Date: August 8th to 13th | Time: 8 P.M to 9 P.M IST

Featured Testimonials

About your Career Coach

Harliien Man is a passionate career coach and a mentor who is ambitious about placing the right Human resource at the right place at the right time.

She is one such mentor who every aspiring individual wishes to have, she can assess the potential and dedication of the individual.

Harliien’s 10+ long years of successful career has made her adorn many hats, she started off as an IT Professional and went on to co-founding and leading 3 Companies namely, A-spire Solutions, TrainedAt and Talent Unlimited.

She is also a proud founder & CEO of India’s first recruitment partner specializing in hiring Digital Marketers, Content and Creative writers.

She believes in taking action that opens doors of opportunities, which led her to design a career mastery course where she explained the “how” of doing things and not only “what” to do.

This mastery program was a huge success with 6000+ enrolments, making this program a pioneer in India.

Her role as a Digital Marketing career consultant and an enthusiastic entrepreneur has earned her enough knowledge about the industry and its dynamic nature, which she intends to share with enterprising job seekers, students, and professionals.

With the zeal of taking out the best from a person, Harliien loves to challenge herself in helping people discover their full potential. Her character of sheer dedication and smart work makes her one of the best career consulting coaches.

She has the ability to translate big, abstract concepts like ‘how to make the most out of the digital marketing industry’, ‘How to Write a Resume  for Freshers & Experienced Digital Marketers’ and  ‘how to excel an interview’, ‘how to find the job you love’, into easily understandable and executable steps that work. This ability makes her the go-to career coach consultant for a long term successful career.

“Take Actions, don’t just READ & forget things but rather step up to LEARN and Scale-up”

Harliien Man

Date: August 8th to 13th | Time: 8 P.M to 9 P.M IST

In and outs of what you’ll learn from this Job Search Bootcamp

Mindset and Basics of Job Search Plan

  • Scope of Digital Marketing
  • In-demand Skills
  • Identifying your skills
  • Marking the right achievements
  • Knowing what’s your ideal designation

Resume Building

  • How to Write a Resume - For Freshers & Experienced Digital Marketers
  • Understanding the correct placement of each section
  • Showcasing the right skills that will outshine your resume
  • Proper placing of the keywords while designing your resume in order to pass the Applicant tracking system (ATS)
  • How to use the right font and formating to beat the 6-second resume scan
  • How to make use of resume templates to create your own job-winning resume

Cover Letter & Optimising Social Media profiles

  • Enclosing cover letter that can get you an interview
  • What to write when emailing cover letter
  • Optimizing your social media profiles with keywords
  • Improving social media presence

LinkedIn profile optimization

  • How to create a LinkedIn profile that recruiters love
  • Optimizing your LinkedIn profile for the right keywords
  • People you should follow while looking for a job

How to use LinkedIn & Job portals for job search

  • Tips on how to successfully use LinkedIn for job search
  • Fixing the mistakes you do while using job portals
  • How to get your LinkedIn profile job-ready
  • The dos and don’ts of LinkedIn etiquettes
  • Organizing your job search to increase the effectiveness
  • Emailing the right people while looking for a job

Interview Tips, Job Search Plan and Networking

  • How to Create an Effective Job-Search Plan
  • Why networking is important in job-search
  • How to Identify your potential employer
  • 6 easy tweaks to take your resume to the next level - Master Resume
  • 5 Tips for Preparing for a Digital Marketing Interview
  • How to follow up after sending a resume

Date: August 8th to 13th | Time: 8 P.M to 9 P.M IST

What you get

  • 6-days live training
  • Complete job search plan
  • Suitable for both freshers and experienced candidates
  • Dedicated Facebook group, Telegram group
  • Q&A session after each class
  • All the bonuses that are listed below

To make it even better, we have got
bonuses for you

  1. Ebook – The Anatomy Of Digital Marketing Resume​
  2. Perfect Cover Letter example for a great impression
  3. Perfect Resume template for Digital Marketers
  4. Perfect Resume template for SEO profile
  5. Perfect Resume template for content writers
  6. Perfect Resume template for Paid ads profiles
  7. Perfect Resume template for Ecommerce profiles
  8. Digital Marketing Designation Finder
  9. Digital Marketing Skills Checklist

Take the first step towards your dream job

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