Harliien Man

Career is a complex term, and it takes years to make your mark. People have so many unanswered questions when it comes to jobs.

Not anymore.

I am Harliien Man, your career coach, and will  be guiding you on your professional front and simplifying the career complexities for you.


It is a commonly used word but still missing in our lives. Constant motivation is essential, especially in a career. If my words can ignite the spark in, you will be more than happy. My motivational words and your consistent hard work will surely help you reach the zenith of success.


Everyone is educated, but still, when it comes to career, you have numerous doubts.
You need not keep your career doubts to yourself, Ask us .Find answers to all your career-related queries that you always wanted to ask so that you take a wise move for your career advancement.

Tools for Job Search

A war can’t be fought without adequate tools.Likewise, there are job search tools that will help you win the war of your career journey.


A career is full of hurdles, and if you want to cross these hurdles and climb the ladder of success, you need to be flexible. Because the survival here is of the fittest, and the fittest is the one who adapts.So, I’ll guide you in changing yourself with the changing times.


It is believed that the first impression is the last impression,so lets make it worthy.I want you to be recognized and honored in your career which is why self -representation is an important aspect which helps you in excelling.

Salary negotiation tips

I know everyone is talented, but not everyone is paid accordingly. Salary is the prime factor behind the individual’s success and motivation. So I help you understand when to ask for what.

'Chase career relationships, not job postings.'.
John Tarnoff


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