Best 5 Tips for Creating a Perfect Digital Marketing Resume

When you’re looking for a job or exploring a new career path, the Initial step is the Resume.

Resume includes Name, contact details, your current location, skills, qualifications, experience, and your social hyperlinks.

Now we need to understand ‘why a resume is so important.”

A resume is the first chance you get to make a good impression on a potential employer.


We are going to discuss 5 tips to make your Digital Marketing Resume stand out.


HR spend about 5 seconds scanning each Resume.

If your resume does not appeal them, they will reject your resume, and you never get the call from same HR /Consultant.

To avoid such kind of cases, you must invest some good quality time to make your resume perfect.

In today’s world resume is probably the most important piece of paper that can get you a work. Therefore, it becomes extremely important that your resume is well made and has all the necessary personal as well as professional details that your employer is interested in. Here are the best 5 tips for creating a perfect digital marketing resume:


Use attractive template: The template used in your resume is responsible for creating the first impression. Therefore, it is important you make the best first impression to get a professional edge over other professionals. Try to use different font size for body text and heading. The main body text colour should be in black. If you need help with your resume, then there are numerous professionals as well as online sites that can help you with it.

You can Build Your Resume Online In Canva.

Whatever industry you’re applying for, Canva has a resume design that will fit your needs. In Canva, the layouts are all composed to perfection by pros. Create beautiful designs with your team. Use Canva’s drag-and-drop feature and layouts to design, share and print business cards, logos, presentations,resumes etc.You can checkout Canva website for more details.

Steps to make the resume in Canva -:

  • Go to this link CanvaResumes
  • You will get multiple options to select from resume templates.
  • Land your dream job with a professionally designed résumé template that reflects your true potential. Free to customize so you’ll always stand out from the crowd.


Have clear communication: It is important to make sure that you clearly communicate whatever you want to state in your resume. There should be no unclear message or statements that creates an ambiguity. More importantly, there is should be fluff in your resume, it may lead to cancellation of your candidature. Have a clear focus on what you want to achieve and who is the target audience. This improves moderation of your resume and makes it even more attractive to the target audience. The Resume should be clear and to the point.Please mention every detail in crystal clear format. Don’t try to write stories. Ensure that your formatting and font type is clean and consistent.



Use analytics: This is without a doubt a section that attracts the eye. Try to highlight your growth and achievements, provide hard evidence. This allows the employer to quantify your success and having good charts increase your chances of employment. This can be done by showing the growth in traffic in the sites which you have marketed. Increase in conversion rates for your previous employer’s site for which you have provided professional support. It is also beneficial if you add links to your previous works, this allows people to better analyse your work. 



Showcase skills and experience: Upgradation of available skills along with acquiring new skills is of absolute importance. Every employer is interested in the skills you have. This allows them to judge your suitability in their organisation. Work experience again is a major factor, greater the work experience, the easier it becomes to get hold of another job. Therefore, it of great importance to make sure that you both your skills and experience in your resume. With the presence of essential skills and good work experience in reputed organisations, it gives a major boost to the employability of a candidate.

If you are looking for a job as a digital marketer and you are part of 100-day blogging course.It’s very easy for you to grab your dream job

Being a fresher, you have practical exposure to WordPress, Wp Plugins, Fb Plugins, Fb Ads, SEO, Social Media, Google Ads and Google Analytics, etc.

You can share your website Google Analytics Report with the employer. This is going to be social proof of your digital success.

If the employer is looking for content creators, tell them about your blogs.

If they want SEO Executive, You can share your SEO optimization records/reports.

If they want PPC Executive, You can share your campaign reports. 

You can share any form of your content with recruiter whether you own a blog, articles or infographics or Fb Group. These can be excellent ways of showing the recruiter your digital marketing skills as well being evidence of your Practical Exposure.

Use hyperlinks to link to work you have done (e.g. websites, social media pages, blogs you can showcase).

You can Use LinkedIn to Market yourself.

Linkedin will help you to get a dream job. Write a crisp, detailed summary of your career. The same outline can be used in your resume as well.

The LinkedIn profile gives you the chance to create a personal brand, showing off your career achievements, skills and experience.


Create uniqueness: As a professional, it is very important to make yourself distinguishable from the rest. Therefore, it is important to add points that separate you from the rest. This may be the delivery time for the campaigns carried out by you, bid price, work style, effectiveness. Your employer must be able to easily understand your value. It is also important that you add certain keywords that make your skills more specific. It is also stated that sometimes it is important for making certain changes in your resume based on the company you are applying for.

Use The keywords in your resume that must be ideal for your employer.

Figure out the keywords that are being searched for and then make sure they are included in your Resume.

Read the job description a few times and jotted down, what words are repeated Then when looking for skills to put on a resume just make sure you include those words and their related terms.


When you’ve finally finished writing your CV, Please proofread your resume for the last time. It should reflect your editing skills; being error-free.

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