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I am Harliien Man, a Digital Marketing Career Coach based out in Bangalore and an Author of Digital Marketing Career Mastery. My primary task is to reach out to people, both freshers, and experts, and inspire them to reach their coveted career goal in the field of Digital Marketing. Over a period of 12 years of my professional life, I have worn multiple hats- Digital Marketer, IT professional, Blogger and a Talent acquisition specialist.

Though I started my career as a software test engineer with DXC technology, I soon moved out to get into recruiting human resources for domestic and international clients. I have worked for numerous start-ups as Strategist to provide the end to end solutions. I would like to mention here that Talent Mapping was a critical part of the strategy.

I also had the honor to be the VP of Scooperb- a pioneer company known for providing digital marketing services. Along the way, I co-founded my company Trainedat in 2015. TrainedAt aims to enable aspiring learners to choose the right course at the right institute by providing them the apt and latest information about the courses detailing prices, discounts, course content, and reviews. The Digital Umbrella of TrainedAt was under my supervision.

The pursuit of connecting the right people to the right business also led me to be the Co-Founder of Unbounce Careers(Part of Pixel Track Pvt. Ltd). Unbounce Careers specializes in recruiting and hiring of (aspiring) digital marketers from across the country and lead them to the path of success. We also help companies located throughout the globe to build their digital marketing teams.

After being in the industry for more than a decade, I can positively say that many freshers are inclined to work in the field of Social Media and Digital Marketing. The desire to build a career in Digital Marketing is growing every passing year. I have observed that many of you are interested in making a career in digital marketing. While a handful has already made their mark as digital marketing specialists and marketers, many others are still planning to switch their careers.

There is a huge demand in Digital Marketing sphere for job seekers, but sadly, many don’t know how to master the art of Job Search.

Hence, in Digital Marketing Career Mastery course, I have provided a detailed analysis of the tools that will help the job seekers to get desired job profiles in Digital Marketing or Content Writing.

I hope that this will help all of you job seekers out there to build the career of your dreams. Let’s stay connected to support and uplift each other.

You can also connect with me on LinkedIn where I participate as a Career Coach.