7 Unique ways for women to earn well and lead a successful life in this Digital World

Over the years a woman’s role has seen tremendous change and is responsible for some of the most significant revisions in the social structure. The role of a woman is no longer limited to that of a homemaker as seen in several cultures previously.

Women can now be observed to take several important posts in areas such as Business, Law, Politics, Medicine, Engineering and many other professional jobs. This not only helps in the further upliftment of women but also contributes to bridging the gender gap in different occupations.

Financial independence of a woman is undoubtedly one of the most important factors responsible for their overall upliftment. Unless a woman is financially independent, it is difficult for her to take a commanding position in the male-dominated, patriarchal society. But with the advent of Digital age, earning is now easier than ever before.

The digital world is a platform that can be leveraged by women to empower themselves. Unlike other fields of work, this acts as a platform that provides equal opportunities, irrespective of gender. Not only can individuals learn and acquire additional skills but also earn a decent sum of money from various types of part-time and freelance works.

Over the years most nations have taken cognizance of this social issues and are taking positive actions for ensuring better pay and opportunities for women worldwide. The digital world is vast and ever growing. The opportunities available are near infinite, and the best part is that anyone can access it.

Digital literacy is easy to acquire and quite rewarding, women can simply find any job that suits their skill set and start earning online. The best part is, if she lacks some of the skills, then she can learn them from the internet. All one needs is a stable internet connection and a computer or a smartphone.


7 Best methods to earn money online are as follows:



There are numerous online websites that allow you to list your skill set and choose the sort of work you desire to do. Here you can enlist yourself as a freelancer and bids your rates for works. Once your bid gets confirmed, you get to complete the assigned task and get paid at the agreed price. Here the better you market yourself, and the better you work, the more is your earning potential. Some of the tasks are as a freelance photographer, freelance writer, organizer, freelance web developer. Some of the most popular tasks are that of content writing, data entry, and inbound call centers.



This again is a great option for earning a quick buck. Here you can upload your own work on any topic you desire. Based on the quality of your content and proper marketing, it will attract visitors. Once your site is getting proper traffic, you can put in advertisements on your website. You can further enrol in affiliate programmes, which further propels your earning potential from your blogs.
In this field of blogging, you can create an infinite number of blogs, and if it is able to attract people, you can earn a large sum of money.



This is something that can only be possible due to the digital world. Unlike old days, you don’t need to get out of the comfort of your house and can simply teach subjects of your liking to registered students worldwide. This provides a great opportunity not only to keep yourself updated on various topic but also earn a lot. Most sites pay well for online tuitions, although you must pass certain examinations for some of the sites.


Graphic design and Image editing

If you are a person of the artistic mind, there are numerous options available for earning online. You can provide online service for graphic designing and image editing. There are numerous people available who are looking for getting professional quality graphic designs and are willing to hire freelancers. Many photographers also provide works for image editing. The payment depends upon the type of the project.



Stock/Forex trading

Although this requires an initial capital and knowledge of the stock market, this is not an impossible task. Some may say that is risky, but it is rewarding if you are able to trade wisely and effectively. The sole objective is to sell the stocks you bought at higher rates, hence you need to keep track of the ongoing rates and sell it when you feel the time is right. Here investment is a major factor and losses is something that is part of the process. So, if you are ready for a decent investment and taking risks, you may make a fortune out of it.


Web designing and Development

Although this requires decent coding skillset, it is a high paying and high demand job. As the internet is expanding, there are numerous sites coming into existence every day. This creates a requirement for web developers and designer for making a perfect looking and operational website. Payment varies widely, depending on the project, client demands and rate offered. But this is undoubtedly one of the highest earning option available on the internet. If you are interested in web development but lack the essential skillset, there is no reason to worry. There is numerous site that can allow you to learn that free of cost.



YouTube and Vlogging

Here again, you can earn based on views received by your advertisements. Starting from simple cooking recipes, to the tours you go, live arts and craft, to stand up comedies or literally any event you want can be uploaded on the internet. With proper traffic, you can earn a stable income.



The digital world is maybe the only place where women do not face gender pay gap, discrimination in opportunities. This is a platform, where they can maybe earn more than their male counterparts. The growth received through the digital world is inclusive and will have a long-lasting effect on the social standards of women. You can simply do any of the tasks from the list mentioned above and start earning.